We have everything ready for you and your family.

Brand New apartments in Tallinn, Tartu and luxury Holiday Home in Pühajärve!

Please, stay overnight!

Our Apartments


Luxurious and brand new apartments with comfortable location.


Stylish apartments with all you need for a comfortable stay in Tartu city center.


Luxury Holiday Home with beautiful location. Fresh air and pure nature.

Add a luxury to your stay:

  • Car rental
  • Bicycle rental
  • Kids equipment rental
  • ATV rental

Additional services

We offer a variety of additional services to our guests. Please let us know about your request at least 48 hours in advance.

  1. Cleaning services
    a. Simple cleaning: 50 €
    b. Cleaning the kitchen and kitchen furniture: 100 €
    c. Special cleaning or final cleaning: 175 €
    d. Dry cleaning of soft furniture: Couch 150 €; Chairs: 80 €; Bed, mattress: 150 €
  2. Taking out the trash: 10 €
  3. Change of towels (during stay): 5 €
  4. Changing linens (during stay): 25 €
  5. Laundry, up to 5 kg: 25 €